Speak English Kids offers tutoring from the 6th grade onwards for students who have dropped out of English classes and are having difficulty making up for lost time, or for those who wish to improve their knowledge in this area. The tutoring courses at Speak English Kids are adapted to the level of the students and are personalized according to their needs and requests; our lessons are organized in groups of 3 or 4 people of the same level and with the same objectives to promote exchange and communication.

In order to help our students from an academic point of view, the teaching provided by our English-speaking and experienced teachers is based on the programs set up by the National Education Department. At the end of junior high school, students are expected to have attained level A2 of the Common European Framework for Languages and at the end of high school they must have level B2.


That is why we look at or review with our students such points as:

  • grammar (tenses, sentence formation affirmative, interrogative, negative…)
  • written and oral comprehension (from textbooks used in class or those we have at Speak English Kids)
  • written and oral communication (in the form of role-playing, debates, discussions, etc.)
  • vocabulary enrichment (through reading)

We will have you take a test at this time to assess your level and decide together on the points to be covered. We also offer private tuition for people who want to use the English language in a non-school setting, for lovers of English and those who want to travel without fear of the language barrier. Our main objective is to make your learning of English enjoyable and fun so that you will develop a taste for the language and that it will no longer be an obstacle for you but a pleasure.

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