Who are we ?

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Our pedagogy

Since 2007, Speak English Kids has been offering English courses adapted to the level of children in the Grenoble area. Based in Fontaine and Saint-Martin d’Hères, our English-speaking and experienced teachers welcome children aged from 2 to 17, all year round.

Our aim is to teach children English while having fun. The learning is based on fun and varied activities, such as singing, crafts, cooking, board games etc. The linguistic immersion is total, which allows the children to learn to speak English naturally.

Speak English Kids also offers tutoring lessons from the 6th grade onwards. Our workshops offer children individualized follow-up to help them progress orally and in writing to improve their academic performance. We also offer half-day or full-day immersion courses during school holidays.

Our missions

  • Learn – Make learning English fun and accessible to all children
  • Immerse – Immerse children from an early age in the Anglo-Saxon language
  • Discover – Allow children to discover the language through playful activities while working on oral and written skills

Our learning methods

Our teaching materials have been developed by the teaching team with the help of a teaching engineer and musicians. We work in small groups of levels, which allows each child to evolve, in an efficient and personalized way, in an environment adapted to their knowledge.

Our places of intervention

Our premises

Our clients include nearly 100 children enrolled in weekly classes (1 hour/week) at our office in Fontaine.

Children in school from infant to primary school are divided into groups according to their level and age. We also offer groups dedicated to high school students or to the preparation of the baccalaureate. One group is dedicated to bilingual children.

School, crèche, leisure center

We conduct workshops in English at our clients' facilities.

We like to collaborate with the pedagogical team of the school in which we work in order to discuss in English the themes already seen with their French teacher.

At home

If you know other children of the same age and level of English as your child, we will come to your home to facilitate the classes.

Un tarif groupé sera appliqué aux familles concernées. Nous viendrons chaque semaine avec le matériel nécessaire.

Au préalable, une réunion sera organisée entre l’intervenant et les familles pour établir un programme adapté aux besoins des enfants.

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