Internal regulations

The internal regulations (PDF) recall the rules that make it possible to live together on the premises and help everyone to understand the meaning of these rules, to make them their own and to respect them.

Presentation of services

Speak English Kids provides English language courses including:

– Weekly classes

– Intensive internships during school holidays

Course objectives

Our objective is to provide children with the pleasure of learning English using fun educational tools and thus acquire the basics of the language.

Reception and course schedules

– Courses run from September to June, one hour a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening, as well as Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. The children come once a week. The schedule of their course is determined at registration.

– Please respect the arrival and departure times, so as not to interfere with the lesson. In case of absence of the child, please inform us in advance on 06 87 77 39 81 as soon as possible. Doors will be closed 10 minutes after the start of classes.

Learning to live together

Speak English Kids ensures that the fundamental rules are respected, such as:

– Respect for the principles of secularism, political, ideological and religious neutrality

– The duty to tolerate and respect others

– The guarantee of protection against all physical and moral aggression and the resulting duty for everyone not to use violence, in any form whatsoever, and to condemn its use

– The need to immediately engage in dialogue in the event of difficulty or conflict

Registration and payment terms and conditions

See the general conditions of sale on the back of the registration form.

Health and safety

– No medication can be given to Speak English Kids, except in case of chronic illness (asthma, allergies…). In the event of a chronic illness that requires the administration of medication or special conduct by the Speak English Kids team, families should contact the director so that an ‘Individualized Reception Project’ file can be set up in conjunction with the family doctor. It is also prohibited to leave medication in a child’s pocket or bag.

– The wearing of jewelry is prohibited. Speak English Kids accepts no responsibility for any loss.

– Clothes must be marked. Speak English Kids accepts no responsibility for any loss.

– Chewing gum and candy are also prohibited, except for festive and group events.

– We can celebrate birthdays, please let us know a week in advance.

– Please do not bring a snack during the lessons (except internships) as these are only one hour long, we do not waste time on snacks.

– During the one-day lessons, please plan a balanced meal. A refrigerator and a microwave are available on the premises.

– You will be asked for an exit permit on the registration form. Many parents pick up their children in front of the gate, in order not to get out of their vehicle (rain, no more parking space, baby in the car…). No child shall leave the premises without this authorization.

– Please make sure that your child does not play on the stairs outside, in the courtyard, with the elevator of a neighbor (person with reduced mobility), or with the property of the neighbor (plants…).

– Finally, parents must make sure that their child is in the school compound before leaving (accidents happen very fast).

Internal regulations

The regulations are established by the establishment, in conformity with the provisions of the departmental regulations.

This policy is subject to change at any time, you will be informed.

Issued in Fontaine on 17/05/2016

The management

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