For the 2018 – 2019 school year, our dates and themes will be as follows:

22nd to 26th October

Morning: The Secret Agents Club

We will listen, read and stage spy stories, create our own spy equipment and even solve mystery challenges every day! Be ready, agent 007!

Afternoon: Discover: EGYPT

From ancient history to the present day, Egypt is rich in incredible stories, art and people. We will try to build pyramids, write our own stories in hieroglyphs and more!

29th October to 2nd November

Morning: Discover: ENGLAND

We are learning English, but what do you really know about England? We will cook and taste English food, learn songs and discover English traditions and the most interesting events in English history.

Afternoon: Halloween and Haunted Houses

Discover Halloween traditions, create costumes, make ghosts and goblins, and even build a haunted house in SEK!

2nd to 4th January

Morning: World tour of festivals and celebrations

December is the time to celebrate France’s greatest holidays, namely Christmas and New Year’s Eve; but this week we will be exploring celebrations from all over the world!

Afternoon: Discover: AUSTRALIA

Which country was one of the first to enter 2019? Australia! We will create Aboriginal art and instruments, discover Australia’s unique wildlife and much more!

18th to 22nd February

Morning: Let’s build!!!

Creative games and workshops to build our world in 3D, using elements of nature, artist’s tools as well as everyday and recycled materials.

Afternoon: Discover: CHILE

In honor of the ski season we will go to one of the highest countries in the world: Chile! But there are not only mountains there. We will discover the highest volcanoes on earth, traditional craftsmanship, venture to the famous Easter Island and much more!

25th February to 1st March

Morning: Games Week

The verb “Play” is one of the most important verbs, so let’s use it! We will try all kinds of games, old and new games, games of chance and skill, board games, world, video, cards, festivals…. And we’ll even create our own games!

Afternoon: Discover: INDIA

With more than a billion inhabitants, India is full of discoveries! We will dye clothes using the tie-die method (knot dyeing), discover the diversity of Indian fauna, traditional crafts and modern arts, such as Bollywood, and more!

15th to 19th April

Morning: Earth Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love our planet! We will discover some of nature’s most beautiful gifts through artistic and creative activities, and we will even do treasure hunts!

Afternoon: Discover: JAPAN

Are the cherry trees already in bloom? Discover the country of origin of “Hanami”, the cherry blossom festival… Japan! We will taste typical dishes, learn to write our names in Japanese and explore other traditions and arts of the “land of the rising sun”.

23rd to 26th April

Morning: American Sports

Winter is over, spring has arrived, so let’s go out and get moving! We will discover American sports culture and sports, and we will try them all!

Afternoon: Discover: THE UNITED STATES

We will learn American pop and folk songs, discover traditions, try out the country’s favorite sports and foods, and much more…

8th to 12th July

Morning: Treasure Island

Let the summer adventures begin! And what better way to start than with a treasure hunt? We will read pirate stories, do treasure hunts and even create our own treasure island!

Afternoon: Water Week

Discover the aquatic world with its creatures and mysteries… we will also play water games to refresh ourselves and welcome Summer!

15th to 19th July

Morning: Virtual Reality

We will build our favorite video games in real life and play them: Angry birds with cardboard boxes and balloons, Tetris on the table, Pac-Man in a real labyrinth, Mario Cart with cardboard cars, and more!

Afternoon: Legends

Let’s dive into the deepest legends of knights, wreaths, magic and more!

22nd to 26th July

Morning: The Dinosaur Dynasty

Travel back in time and land in the age of dinosaurs! We will discover what dinosaurs really were like through many creative activities and workshops.

Afternoon: At the beach

We will play beach games, use sand in creative workshops and discover the plants and animals of the sea, to prepare for the holidays at the beach!

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