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Daycamp 2018 – 2019

Our day camp courses are offered for full and half-days during school holidays. Children participate in fun, creative workshops (sewing, cooking, games, artwork, field trips and more!) in a week of total English immersion.

The themes for each week are carefully selected, based on what language skills and world knowledge we can focus on. Any simple craft or activity requires lots of language! If you want to finish a painting, you need to ask for, find and bring the materials, follow all the directions of what and how to paint, and don’t forget what to wash and clean up! Now imagine it’s not just a painting but you’re building and decorating a rainstick from Chile, learning the rules for baseball or the steps for a Bollywood dance, preparing a Japanese recipe or designing a ghost to fall on someone’s head when they enter a haunted house! Using English for hands-on, creative activities is one of the best ways to learn… and have some fun!

For every theme, the children have arts-and-crafts projects to be creative with, recipes to cook, and a Friday movie to watch in English and answer questions about. We also try to plan a class trip each week depending on the time and availabilities and, depending on the theme being explored, even a short performance or final project to show parents at the end of the week. For example, for each Discover camp this year, we’ll learn a song or dance from each country for their end-of-week shows.

Daycamps are Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2 to 5pm. Parents may register their children for half-day courses or for the full day. Working parents have the opportunity to leave their children with us all day from 8:30am to 5:30pm. The hours outside of the day camp activities are considered to be hours of custody and is charged at the rate of the day camp. Children who are with us between 12:00 noon and 2:00pm must bring their own lunch. We organize educational and fun day-camps for every school holiday and 3 weeks in July!

For the 2018 – 2019 school year, our dates and themes will be:

October 22 – 26

  • Morning :  Secret Agent Club
    • We’ll listen to, read and reenact some spy stories, create our own spy gear and even solve daily mystery challenges! Come prepared, 007!
  • Afternoon:  Discover: EGYPT
    • From ancient history to today, Egypt is packed with incredible stories, art and people. We’ll try to make the pyramids, use hieroglyphics to tell our own stories and more!

October 29 –  November 2

  • Morning: Discover: ENGLAND
    • We’re learning English, but how much do you know about England? We’ll make and try English food, learn songs and other traditions from England, plus discover some of the most interesting parts of England’s history.
  • Afternoon: Halloween and Haunted Houses
    • Learn different halloween traditions, make costumes, ghosts and goblins, and even help build our very own haunted house at SEK!

January 2 – 4

  • Morning: Holidays Around The World
    • December brings some of the biggest holidays in France, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but this week we’ll explore some other holidays from around the world!
  • Afternoon: Discover: AUSTRALIA
    • What was one of the first countries to start 2019? Australia! We’ll make some indigenous art and instruments, learn about the unique wildlife and more!

February 18 – 22

  • Morning: Let’s Build it!
    • Games and crafts about constructing our 3D world using things from nature, the tools of the artist as well as everyday and recycled materials!
  • Afternoon: Discover: CHILE
    • In honor of the ski season, we’ll go to one of the highest countries on Earth: Chile! But there’s more than mountains here. We’ll discover the world’s highest Volcano, some traditional crafts, venture to the famous Easter Island and more!

February 25 – March 1

  • Morning: Game Week
    • “Play” is one of the most important verbs we have, so let’s use it! We’ll try all sorts of games, new and old, games of chance and of skill, board games, word games, video game, card games, festival games… even create our own games!
  • Afternoon: Discover: INDIA
    • With more than 1 billion residents, India has so much to discover! We’ll make some tie dye clothes, learn about the country’s diverse wildlife, traditional crafts and modern performing arts, like Bollywood, and more!

April 15 – 19

  • Morning: Earth Day
    • Roses are red, violets are blue, Mother Earth, we love you! We’ll learn about some of nature’s greatest gifts through arts and crafts and even go on scavenger hunts to find some of them!
  • Afternoon: Discover: JAPAN
    • Have the cherry trees bloomed yet? Learn about the homeland of “Hanami”, or, Cherry Blossom Festival… Japan! We’ll try some special food, learn to write our names in the Japanese alphabet and explore some other traditions and crafts from the “land of the rising sun”.

April 23 – 26

  • Morning: American Sports
    • Winter is over, spring has arrived, so let’s get outside and move! We’ll learn about sports and sport culture from North America and try them all!
  • Afternoon: Discover: USA
    • We’ll learn some American folk and pop songs, discover some indigenous traditions, try the country’s favorite sports and food and more.

July 8 – 12

  • Morning: Treasure Island
    • Let the summer adventures begin with the hunt for treasure! We’ll read some classic stories, go on scavenger hunts and create our own treasure island!
  • Afternoon: Water Week
    • Discover the world of water with all its creatures and mysteries. Plus we’ll play refreshing water games to welcome the summer!

July 15 – 19

  • Morning: Real Life Video Games
    • We’ll build and play life-sized versions of some gaming favorites: Angry Birds with boxes and balloons, Tetris on a table, Pac-man in a real maze, Mario cart with shoebox cars and more!
  • Afternoon: Legends
    • We’ll dive deep into the legends of knights, crowns, magic and more!

July 22 – 26

  • Morning: Dinosaur Dynasty
    • Time travel back to the age of the Dinosaurs! With all sorts of crafts and activities we’ll get a hands on look the amazing creatures.
  • Afternoon: At The Beach
    • We’ll play beach games, make crafts with sand and learn about the plants and animals of the sea to prepare for any beach holidays!