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Speak English Kids offers tutoring and support classes for children from grade 6 who are struggling or have fallen behind in their English studies, or who are doing well and just want to deepen their understanding of the English language. The Speak English Kids support classes are adapted to the level of the students and are customized according to their needs. We organize these classes into groups of 3 or 4 students of the same level at a time, and we focus on the same learning objectives for each of them to promote and enhance communication skills in English.

To ensure our students are getting the best possible help from an academic point of view, the education provided by our experienced English teachers is based on the programs put in place by the Ministry of National Education. By the end of college/university, students are expected to have acquired the A2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and by the end of high school they must have achieved the B2 level. Check here to see details of the different level requirements. This is why we study or review the following areas of focus with our students:

  • grammar – verb tenses, sentence structures including negatives, affirmatives, interrogatives, etc.
  • oral and written understanding – from the books used in school or those we have at the Speak English Kids school.
  • oral and written communication – using role playing games, debates, discussions, and more.
  • vocabulary – enriched through reading and writing.


We will send you a short quizz in order to assess your level of English, so that we may know what your needs are and what to focus on. We also offer specific courses for people who wish to use the English language for things other than academic study; for lovers of English and those who wish to travel abroad without worrying about language barriers! Our primary goal is to make learning English a fun and enjoyable experience, so that students will look forward to learning more. Once you get a taste of how much fun it can be to learn English, you will never want to stop!