Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the long summer days that make childhood memories. And speaking of memory, why not use this time to help your kids improve their English learning? There are lots of ways to integrate English into their daily lives, and you can have them speaking English all summer!

Here are a few ideas to boost kids’ English this summer:

Play video games—in English! We know that kids are the masters of today’s technology. And since they are so smart, why not try setting all of your kids’ electronics, such as video games, compuers, tablets, and phones, to the English language? Operating the device will be an old habit for them, but they will gain lots of new vocabulary by having the commands and apps set to English. And it’s not just any vocabulary they’ll be picking up—it’s real-world vocabulary that is relevant to today’s technology.

Make a family music video in the car. I know it might sound crazy, but this is a big trend right now, and your kids won’t even notice that they are learning lots of English! This activity involves listening to music—choose an English song that is fun for the whole family. After everyone has learned most of the words by heart, record yourselves singing along in the car. The kids will have a lot of fun doing this, and they can even upload it to Youtube if they are proud of their video. Here’s one example of a family doing just that!

Seeing movies in VO. Summertime is a great time to go to afternoon movies at the cinema, and there are always big Hollywood films that are released especially for summer vacation. This time, take the kids to see the popular American film of the moment in VO. It might be challenging for the first few minutes, but by the end of the film, the kids will have spent two hours completely immersed in everyday English, and they will have understood the film too. This is a big confidence booster for understanding English, and there’s no studying involved!

Nature hike in English. At your local library, or online, find a book or list of nature words in English. It could be a book of plants, trees, flowers or animals, with all the names, or just a list of general nature words. Then, when going for a walk in the country or in the mountains, play a game with the kids to see how many of the words they can identify on the walk. The one who can point out the most things in English is the winner!

Sign up for an immersion day camp. Speak English Kids is the perfect place for kids to spend their summer break. Participating in fun activities all summer long, kids are immersed in English vocabulary and having fun at the same time. This is the number one key to becoming fluent in a second language! Contact Speak English Kids for all the details!

Summer will be over in the blink of an eye—but an English immersion summer will last a lifetime!

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