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English Day Camp During School Holidays in Grenoble!

The school holidays in France are approaching, and what do you have planned to keep your kids entertained and out of trouble?

Speak English Kids is always a great place for children to spend the day because they can do many different kinds of creative activities from cooking to art to theater—all while being completely immersed in the English language!

If you have never heard of Speak English Kids, now is the perfect time to discover this dynamic school, which just celebrated ten years of teaching kids English and having fun in Grenoble, France. The school’s director, Soad, is a native English speaker from Canada, and she has implemented her own special curriculum of activities in English which help kids learn faster because they are having fun!

For two weeks during all the French school holidays, and during July and August as well, you can find Soad and her team working with kids from all different backgrounds, ages and different levels of English. The concept of Speak English Kids is that learning is best when we are in a fun environment, and interacting with everyday life. When kids play together, forming bonds, and doing activities they enjoy, they will learn and remember English much easier than they would in a classroom setting. (This is true for adult learners as well!)

Some of the activities that have been led in English during the “stage anglais” are painting,dancing, cooking all kinds of foods with English recipes, learning about foreign countries and cultures, learning about local animals in the Isère, jewelry making, making Christmas ornaments, celebrating Halloween with a disguise party, swimming…and that’s just to name a few! You can imagine the amount of vocabulary–and other skills–your kids can learn if they do all of these things IN ENGLISH!

But you don’t have to take my word for it—you can read comments on the website from parents who have been bringing their children to Speak English Kids for many years now. One of the reasons parents are happy is because their kids are happy! Not only does their confidence in speaking and understanding English improve, but they are having a lot of fun too!

To get in touch with Soad and sign your child up for the next English day camp in Grenoble, you can call (06 87 77 39 81) or visit the website!

You can also check out the Speak English Kids blog, which has new articles every month about kids learning English as a second language.

So don’t let the kids sit around being bored this time around—put that free time to good use at English day camp…at Speak English Kids, now at two locations: Fontaine and Saint-Martin-d’Hères!

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