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6 Good Reasons Kids Should Be Learning English

Most parents agree that learning English is important for kids when it comes to school performance or getting a job later. But that’s not the only reason English is important for kids today. Learning English can shape their world in many ways that are intangible, yet priceless.

Even at the youngest ages, kids are absorbing the culture and languages around them. Children can start learning languages as young as 2 years old from simple songs and listening to the adults around them speaking. When a child grows up being exposed to the English language, it is like giving them the keys to a gateway of knowledge that reaches beyond the language itself, opening an exponential number of doors to information, inspiration or opportunity.

Read on to see why…

6 Good Reasons Kids Should Be Learning English

1)   A quarter of the world speaks English, and it is becoming the most commonly spoken language. While the number of native speakers is between 375,000 and 400 million people, English is spoken by around 1.5 to 1.6 billion people.

2)   Most of the world’s most popular films, music and literature are produced or published in English. This provides a huge source of entertainment and culture. From Bob Dylan to Shakespeare to Star Wars, English is the original version, adding a lot of richness and cultural understanding to a child’s overall global education.

3)   It helps understand other languages. Because English is the result of many languages coming together, including Latin, French, Norse, Dutch, Greek and other influences, modern English is like a hybrid language. For kids, this makes learning other languages later in life easier.

4)   It’s the language of the internet. Over half of the internet, our main source of communication and news today, is in English. Understanding it is a basic element in understanding and participating in our world.

5)   It’s the language of business. While they won’t use it for business at the moment, kids who speak English will have a cutting edge later when it comes to working in today’s global industries. English is not only the dominant language spoken in international business, but it is becoming a requirement for many entry-level jobs as well.

6)   It is always changing. Many English words used around the world today are words that reflect our global culture. This is becoming even more the case with social media and technology. English has about 1000 new words added to the dictionary each year. This natural evolution of the language shows that it is flexible and accommodating to a changing world—something we should all strive to be!

You may read this list and think, “Great! But my child isn’t in school yet.” …or… “My child studies English in school and they hate it!” So what can you do to give them the gift of language?

Language can be learned in a variety of ways, but one of the LEAST effective is memorizing vocabulary for a school exam. Kids tend to learn languages much more quickly in a natural context such as play, or everyday life, when there is an emotion or memory attached to the language. That’s why holidays in English, school immersion programs, summer camps, English speaking friends, and activities such as art, music and theatre in English are the most effective and easiest ways to learn—for kids and adults!

Speak English Kids in Grenoble is one such “school” where kids can participate in all kinds of activities and experiences in English which will get them motivated and having fun while learning lots of vocabulary and everyday language. For the school holidays or regular programs, contact Speak English Kids today!  

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