Advanced groups


Advanced level courses are designed for children of all ages who have a very good oral comprehension of English and who wish to improve their oral and written expression (depending on the age of the students).

For the younger ones, we adopt a method based essentially on communication, we use tools that allow this communication such as board games, images or objects to describe, manual work, etc.

For the older ones, oral communication is also emphasized. Students answer questions in the form of small debates, they can if they wish present the books they read during the year, they also play board games, etc.

These students also work on their written comprehension and expression, for example, they have to read books in English and summarize them or answer questions by formulating complex sentences and using the right verb tense

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Course Features

  • Duration 30 hours
  • Activities cours
  • Class Sizes 30
  • Years Old 2 - 17
  • Available Seats 10
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